Posted On July 2, 2017

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In the presence of light
While basking in its warmth,
There are moments of near perfection.
Instances of limitless acceptance.
Beautiful and aligned with the source,
Brief spells of transparence.
At these precious moments,
I am the light, lighted to lighten,
Harbinger of love, peace and joy.

But these moments creep away,
As doubts, fears and desires slither in.
Tormented by a restless mind,
The alignment shifts. The opaque heart
then casts long shadows on people and events.
Hurt, greed and anger breed in dark spaces,
Spreading effortlessly like forest fire.
Until grace finds a way to seep in,
Saturating with waves of compassion.

A chance to align with the light yet again,
Accepting all that is, as is.
Life flows through, unobstructed.
Transparent again,
A light to lighten.

PC: Eddy Van 3000

Lost in the Woods

Posted On April 30, 2017

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A pair of tigers stood lost,
Staring at the enclose around them.
They look intently at the couple of trees,
Had the others sprung legs and run away?
The sun shone, but who had snatched its brightness?
The moon and stars were there, but the magic?
The wind now a bearer of bleak tidings.
Where were all the fellow dwellers?
The rocks, twigs and undergrowth felt vaguely the same,
But the paws couldn’t run. Where was there to run?
They thought achingly of the hills they had scaled,
They stared confounded at this insurmountable metal pen.
One fine day they got up and didn’t remember anymore,
What was left was a numbing pain.
This is not the way it should be?
A darkness and heaviness descended and never left,
So they sat and yawned and swatted flies,
Ate without relish.
Curious faces peered and jeered,
They never could fathom just what to do.
Spent the days and nights demented, muddled,
Just how did this come to be?


Posted On April 20, 2017

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I stand at the intersection,
Of two busy streets.
As I wait for the signal to change,
I see you walk past unhurriedly.
Gently smiling.

And when you are long gone by,
I feel a difference.
I feel a little bit of you in me.
Like the parched earth,
I seem to take you in.

Then I realize, it’s not just you
But you, you, you and you,
All of you, a little in me.
Myriad hues,
Colors that you all cast on me.

Your shadows now belong to me,
If only a little bit.
Your doubts and fear and pain,
As also your joy, hopes and dreams.
I reflect your colors about me.

Some of you take me by the hand,
We fly to a faraway place,
Walk by green pastures,
Smell the flowers by the wayside.
But you have to leave too.

I wonder if there is anything of me,
You take with as you leave?
What is this color I pass on?
Is it my own?
Or is it of someone long gone by?

A color bestowed
At a different point in time?
In this exchange of colors,
There isn’t any that’s just mine,
There is no me.

Being Love

Posted On April 20, 2017

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I walked by the shore
Carrying a seemingly heavy burden,
Almost at the verge of sapping,
When I had a chance encounter with love.
Masquerading as a gentle gust of wind
that played and teased and danced
Before it turned into a heavy gust
And shook me to the very core.
What can one do but breathe in and out?
Little whiffs of this perfect storm
Which I sense with awe.

An encompassing love that reveals
the fullness, sweetness and tenderness
of the many shades of love.
Enduring purity like a mother’s,
Silent strength of a father’s.
Faith like a friend’s, as steps match
and measure stretches of land on a long walk.
The innocent trust in a child’s love.
It evokes a lover’s love, with a shared breath
Fingers entwined under a canopy of stars.
Glimpses of many shades of perfection.

There are many personages in ones life,
who know not how to love.
What can one do but learn in the presence of love?
Learn to love, unencumbered by fetters and hindrances.
I pause, I pray and offer obeisance
As I learn to be love.
On the day I am free of ego and delusions,
Light as a feather, I shall waft with this wind
On an endless journey transcending time and place.

Rain on a Desert Pond

Posted On April 19, 2017

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Cradled in the lap of the mountains
Lay a desert pond of pristine blue,
A promised respite in a thirsty land.
Tranquil and delightfully smooth, a vessel
Of content, collected energy
Within the walls of its simple primeval abode.

It had for company, naked trees
Dotted on an arid terrain.
Life abounded on its gentle shores.
They slithered and pounced and pranced,
Soared in a mid air crescendo,
Or glided through its cool waters.

A benevolent nurturer
In an unforgiving landscape,
Endured the kisses from the brazen sun.
The color turned a tawny brown
As the seasons swept by
As life suckled on.

The rain clouds had been drifting
At the whims of the bellowing winds
Tousled and sapped of this arduous journey
Through the skies, longing for a place to rest,
Until it chanced upon this tawny brown,
Which should have been blue instead.

It discovered home. Love surged
Through its billowy bosom.
It hastened to descend, to
Play percussion on the pond.
An ocean seethed in the little pond,
As the waters danced to the scents of the wet earth.

The color returned an immaculate blue,
Sweetness seeped through the dewy pond.
The waters spooned in a fervid embrace
Undisturbed in their tender love making,
Under the sanguine light of the harvest moon
Shining softly from a valley of stars.

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